If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times…the money is in the list. But how, exactly do you get one? The answer is easier than you may think.

Compiling and maintaining your own customer mailing list is a vital tool for your business, and one that can easily secure its ongoing success. It is an asset that you should cultivate and foster over time – do this, and your list will net you sales today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Despite the ease with which a customer mailing list can be set up, it is truly surprising how many business owners completely miss the boat. Forget slapping up a text link with the lack-luster “sign up for our list” message. Trust me, it won’t work.

If you want to build a successful list, you have to remember these five little words…”what’s in it for me?”

Your prospects need to find a REASON to sign up for your list. If you can provide them something of value, they will sign up…in droves.

So, what can you offer?

  • A free report
  • A discount
  • A free product with purchase
  • A special promotion
  • Invitation to “VIP” event, etc.

Give them a reason to share their valuable contact information, and they will. Be ready to answer the question, “what’s in it for me?”

Truer words were never spoken.

Keep those five little words in mind, and you’ll build a ravenous list of enthusiastic product evangelists that will be fumbling for their wallets every time they open their inbox.

List Building Techniques

You’ve started your list, but how do you make it grow? Here are a few list-building tips:

  • Incorporate a Tell-a-Friend component to your website or blog
  • Sign up for a Twitter Account, and use it to cross promote your site and list
  • Add a note to your business card that encourages folks to join your list
  • Include business card magnets in outbound shipments and in shopping bags
  • Hand out flyers at your shows and craft fairs that prominently promote your list
  • Promote your website and list through your email signature line
  • Promote your list in discussion groups and forums
  • Create a promotional video for distribution on YouTube.

Once prospects are on your list, be sure that you stay in contact with them on a regular basis, and provide valuable information in your correspondence with them. Nobody likes to be greeted with blatant sales messages, so be sure that you balance your content accordingly. Maintain a pulse on your market by subscribing to trade magazines, or by signing up to receive Google news alerts – this will provide you with relevant content on an ongoing basis. Tie newsworthy items in to your product line in new and creative ways, and you will be able to strike the delicate balance between sales and substance.

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