Even though you may follow a recipe to make your first batch of two spa products, once you get the hang of making spa products, you can start to experiment to create an endless variety of products that make your creations truly unique.

You can create a completely new brand and “mood” for a product, simply by changing a few key ingredients.

For example, one of my favourite recipes is for my Peppermint and Blood Orange Invigorating Body Scrub. The basic recipe calls for Peppermint and Blood Orange as the essential oils.

However, different combinations of essential oils will produce a different result and a different feel. For example:

Cinnamon, Apple, Orange & Vanilla = “Country Kitchen”
Orange + Cinnamon = “Spiced Citrus”
Coconut + Pineapple = “Pina Colada”

In the same way, different grades of sea salt or different types of seeds will produce not only a different visual effect but also different qualities on the skin – from a luxurious, almost velvety
product through to a more abrasive exfoliating scrub.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

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To your success with spa products!