Is this one of those weeks at work that leaves you feeling frazzled?  Are you kids running you ragged? You know all you really want is a little time to pamper yourself.

If all you want is a little quiet time and pampering, unfortunately in today’s economy, many people can’t afford the $250+ price tag that comes with the Spa Treatment you NEED. Well have no fear, there are ways around this. Once you get the husband and kids out of the house, I’ll show you how to bring the spa home to you for less than the price of a pizza!

How is all of this possible? The Handcrafters Companion is the answer. It is the only resource you are going to need to bring the pampering into your own house at a fraction of the cost of a high-end spa treatment. This handy guide will teach you all of the “secrets” of the trade that will enable you to turn your bathroom into a relaxation center.

Unfortunately, very few of us can afford to get away on a regular basis to recharge or go to some fancy spa to be treated like royalty. That does not change the fact that we still need to do these things in order to lead a normal and healthy life and we have to find ways to make it happen. The task is not as hard as it seems and you will find most of the ingredients in your own home!

With The Handcrafters Companion as your guide, you can transform your home into a place of tranquil relaxation. You will learn how to make all your favorite forms of pampering whether you prefer bath bombs, bubble baths, potpourri, salt scrubs, or even aromatherapy with very little investment.

So remember – there are plenty of ways to pamper yourself in this economy without being extravagant.  Making bath and body products at home can not only replace expensive store-bought products but can also become a second income (but that’s for another blog post…)