What is a USP?

Your USP is your “Unique Selling Position”. Your USP is what makes your business unique. Without a USP, your business will lack direction.

You may be selling the same line of products as your main competitors, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t carve out a successful piece of the niche. What will help you do this?

Defining your USP.

Questions to Help You Define Your USP:

  • What makes my business unique?
  • What does my business possess that my competitors’ business doesn’t?
  • What can I do better than anyone else?
  • Why makes a purchasing experience from my company different?

Evaluating your business based upon these questions (and any others that may come to mind) will help you define your USP to a laser-targeted focus.

Some Examples of Effective USP’s:

  • All customer service inquiries answered in 24 hours or less
  • Free product samples included in every order
  • Share Your Feedback, receive a discount coupon
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Guaranteed Same-Day Shipping

How Do I Communicate My USP?

  • Build your USP into your business tagline
  • Print it on your business cards, postcards, flyers and other mailers
  • Print your USP in every newsletter
  • Place your USP on your product labeling
  • Create helpful audios or videos for your website that reflect your USP

The key to leveraging your USP is to make it a cornerstone in your brand identity. Make sure that all of your customers know your USP, and how they benefit from it. As we’ve stated before, it all comes down to “what’s in it for me?” Your USP can answer that question for your customer.

Using your USP to answer this question for your customer will earn you business, and customer loyalty.

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