When you are selecting colors for your logo, website or packaging, you may wish to consider how the colors will resonate with your customers. Colors register with the subconscious mind, and can make a dramatic impact on consumers’ buying preferences.

Colors can represent memories, reflect our moods, and evoke emotional responses. Researchers have long studied how various colors and color combinations affect buying preferences; these studies are often the basis from which manufacturers select the colors for a products’ packaging and promotional materials.

Savvy marketers will leverage their knowledge of color theory in order to evoke the desired response from their prospects. Below are a few examples of well known color representations:

  • White: Symbol of purity, innocence and honesty. It is evokative of all that is clean and good.
  • Black: Symbol of darkness, despair and death. Black often represents villany and evil.
  • Blue: Blue is most often associated with trust, creativity and imagination. It also represents order and security.
  • Green: Green represents nature, vibrancy and life. With the growing popularity of “green” living, it is also clearly associated with natural products, freshness and organics.
  • Yellow: Yellow is associated with thinking and philosophy, as well as maturity and hope. Yellow is a color that traditionally evokes happiness and cheerfulness.
  • Red: Symbolizing excitement, action, or even danger. Red also represents energy and passion.
  • Purple: Often associated with royalty, purple is elegant and extravagant. It evokes feelings of wealth and influence.

It is important to consider specific regions of the world you may be selling into when making color selections. What may evoke a specific response in one area of the world may play dramatically different elsewhere. The climate of the market and the mood of society will also play a large part in how products are accepted.

The study of psychological response with respect to color is likely to be scrutinized for generations to come.

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