Even with all the right spa product recipes, you still need to source the ingredients to make your own products.

Many of these ingredients – such a sea salt or sunflower oil for body scrubs – are available at your local supermarket. Then there are other more unusual items, such as jojoba oil, liquid soap base or exotic essential oils, that you will need to source from elsewhere.

If you live in a larger city, you will very likely find that there are specialty shops that sell many of the ingredients you are after (especially essential oils). Near where I live (in Australia), Perfect Potion is very good for many items.

But I also source many of my ingredients from Internet speciality retailers. They not only have a very good range, but the prices are very competitive AND you don’t have to spend time going to a physical store to make you purchases.

Many readers of The Handcrafter’s Companion e-book come from different countries around the world so they often ask me where to source ingredients.

Here are a few of the better online retailers I have found:

USA: From Nature With Love
UK: Aromantic

If you know of any other recommended retailers (or you operate a relevant retail website yourself), feel free to leave a comment with your link.