The Candlemaker’s Companion Reviews & Testimonials

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The following comments are genuine testimonials from other people like you who purchased The Candlemaker’s Companion and now love making their own bath and body creations! Click here to order your own copy now.

“Full of great how-to and lots of really great creative ideas”

The Candlemaker’s Companion” is fantastic, full of great how-to and lots and lots of really great creative ideas. It has easy to follow instructions, so if you are just making candles for fun or business, this is a great investment. I will never regret my decision to purchase “The Candlemakers Companion” e-book. It is always right there on your computer for easy access.



“Brought the whole family together”

The Candlemaker’s Companion” is a blessing, as I was looking for something to do with my children on weekends and this has actually brought the whole family together. When I started this it was with my daughter (9) but my older son has also gotten involved and found it fun. The kids look forward to every Saturday when we do this together, my daughter and I also do the lip gloss together and she loves it. Thanks so much, we now spend quality time together.


New South Wales, Australia

“I absolutely love it!”

I absolutely love the e-books I purchased from you! There are so many recipes that I didn’t know where to begin. Thank you so much for all of the useful information that will surely turn my spa products from hobby to profit.



“A wonderful e-book”

I have found “The Candlemaker’s Companion” a wonderful e-book full of inspiration and candle making ideas that I have not seen available in any other craft book or magazine.



“So much great information”

So much great information packed into one place. Whether you want something beautiful for a gift or to start your own business, this e-book has it all. I have enjoyed the wealth of knowledge and range of recipes when using the “Candlemaker’s Companion”. Definitely worth every penny. Thanks so much for sharing all this great knowledge.

Susan W.

Mendocino, California

“A goldmine of help including recipes, step-by-step instructions, pictures, and purchasing links”

I have nothing but compliments for your ebook The CandleMaker’s Companion. It was a goldmine of help including recipes, step-by-step instructions, pictures, and purchasing links. I also got the HandCrafter’s Companion. Again, you didn’t disappoint. Thank you sooo much.

Beth T.


“A world of new information and would highly recommend it”

Although I’ve been making candles for five years, I decided to purchase CandleMaker’s Companion. I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. I picked up a world of new information and would highly recommend it to anyone making candles.

Dick W


“I love the Candlemaker’s Companion”

I love the Candlemaker’s Companion. It is so well done. You explain everything from making to selling, I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s easy to read and your information on the wax, wicks, containers is so helpful that makes creating the candles fun. The added bonus of your information on starting your own business makes me really want to get busy and start making and selling. Thank you and I can’t wait for your next project.



“Thank you for your helpful hints”

I had dabbled in candle making before but wanted to move ahead. The CandleMakers Companion has enabled me to do that. Though I have not had the time yet to uncover all your secrets for success, I know that they are mine for the taking! Thank you for your helpful hints. I will keep you posted as I become more experienced and creative!



“It’s like I’ve been making candles all my life… you must get it”

I had never made a candle ever before in my life and since I purchased your candle guide it’s like I’ve been making candles all my life. To all your fans, friends, and potential customers, if you don’t have The Candlemaker’s Companion you must get it.