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The Handcrafter’s Companion Reveals… How To Price My Products… How To Display Products To Catch The Eye… Even Where To Get My Inventory At Better Prices”

I purchased the Handcrafter’s Companion e-book a couple of weeks ago and it is so hard to put down. I was really overwhelmed with what I should do first as far as putting my products out for the public and which products should I put out first. I make my own bath and body products from natural and organic ingredients at home.

The Handcrafter’s Companion e-book helped me decide what should come first and how it should be done. I was amazed at all the information contained in the e-book, how to price my products, how to display my products to catch the eye of the consumer, even where to get my inventory at better prices than I was already getting from other places.

It has been such a pleasure to have my Handcrafter’s Companion e-book at my fingertips, the recipes in my e-book are great and easy to make, also the important tips will provide you with ways to really make your products profitable. Last but not least, the handbook is so easy to read and understand, you just won’t want to put it down. This e-book is rated an “A” in my book. Thanks, Jane!

Vicki Baker

Bowie, Maryland

“I Was Very Skeptical At First…”

I was very skeptical at first about purchasing the e-book, thinking it was going to tell me what ‘hot’ items I needed to make in order to be successful in the bath and body product business. How wrong I was!

This e-book included the where, how, and why of everything from branding, labeling, and marketing to resources for supplies, and best of all, wonderful, easy recipes I know will help make me successful!

The price is VERY reasonable and so well worth the cost. I would suggest to everyone entering the bath and body products line to order this small, but comprehensive e-book before you begin. Jane’s easy to read e-book will get the creative juices flowing in no time.

To Jane Church, I raise my glass and toast you! Thank you for giving me the inspiration to expand!

Barbara Oliver

Turning Leaf Soaps, Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I Was So Excited That I Read The Whole Book!”

Your Handcrafter’s Companion is outstanding! The additional e-books are going to come in very handy too! Thank you! I couldn’t download the original purchase so Jane took the time out of her busy day to email it to me in increments. I was so excited that I read the whole book! There are so many recipes and so many ideas that I can’t wait to get started! With her ideas and tips, this is going to be a win-win business venture. Now, the hard part is going to be deciding where to start. Thank you for creating the all-in-one resource.
Candy Rick

Mayfield, Kentucky

“The Handcrafter’s Companion Helped Me Make Spa Quality Gifts For My Friends And Family”

For Christmas this year, I wanted to make something special for my friends and family to let them know how special they were to me. 

I really enjoyed the recipes in The Handcrafter’s Companion, which helped me make spa quality gifts for my friends and family, so they would know I was thinking of them all year long. 

I have already had compliments from the gifts I gave and look forward to using other gift ideas in the e-book to make special gifts for my teachers at school.

Margaret Baugh

Houston, Texas

“My Only Regret Is That I Did Not Order This A Few Years Back”

I just want to say thank you so much for putting together such a “valuable” tool for those of us who want to start making homemade spa products. 

I’ll tell you a little bit about my experience. I began pondering this idea of starting my own business selling homemade products in 2005. So, I started doing a little research (without any direction at all). I found a couple of sources and wholesale suppliers but it was very overwhelming. I spent a lot of money soliciting companies to sample their products only to find out they were not satisfactory.

I stumbled across the Handcrafter’s Companion during one of my internet searches and signed up with my email. However, I was still reluctant; I just wasn’t sure that the book would be useful. Then I started to receive your emails with GREAT tips and recipes and I decided to go ahead and get the Handcrafter’s Companion. 

My only regret is that I did not order this a few years back. This is the only book with “real” and “useful” information and invaluable resources. Your guidance and advice has been so helpful to me that I now feel I can dive in with confidence and get started. Thank you so much for putting together this great resource.

Kim M. Brown

Serenity Bath & Body LLC, Gardena, California

“As A Novice I Had No Idea Where To Start”

I have to tell you that I’m delighted with the book, the Handcrafter’s Companion. It is very easy to follow. I have already tried one of the lip balm recipes and my son thought it was great as he works outside and always has dry lips!

You have put in so much work gathering all the information needed for people like me. As a novice, I had no idea where to start and some of the books I have read put me off as it seemed too complicated (I like things simple).

As soon as I get the ingredients for the soap recipes I will be off and running. The only difficult part is deciding what to choose as they all sound so yummy. In the meantime, I am going to make some potpourri, from your recipes of course!

There is so much information on what to do and where to get the things you need. Anybody that needs good advice should not hesitate to purchase your book and the price is so reasonable. Thank You.

Kind regards,

Margaret Flack

Brisbane, Australia

“It Has My Teenage Daughter And I Working Together”

I was searching the net for soap making information and ideas and came across your book. I had never purchased an e-book and was skeptical, but I am so happy that I did

You have covered all the bases needed for someone getting started in soap making; either for fun or profit, from how to make these items, where to get supplies, marketing, pricing, labeling – EVERYTHING!

It’s totally awesome and it has my teenage daughter and I working together. She loves telling me what to do with my soaps. I also have to say how impressed I was when I needed to ask you a question and you responded back to me within 24 hours. 

I cannot wait to get the supplies I ordered from one of your recommended websites and get more involved in this adventure.

Val Soos

Saint Louis, Missouri

“I Was Stuck For New Ideas, But After Reading It I Was Able To Add New Products That Complimented The Ones I Was Doing”

I love the e-book! I was already doing my own spa products and was stuck for new ideas, but after reading it I was able to add new products that complimented the ones I was doing. 

My home-based business is starting to see an increase in sales and on top of the book, the tips I get via email have really got me excited about spreading my wings and getting my products in front of more potential customers.


Orlando, Florida

“The Handcrafter’s Companion Is A Must For People Interested In Taking The Plunge And Creating Their Own Skincare Products”

The Handcrafter’s Companion is a must for people interested in taking the plunge and creating their own skincare products.

The e-book is set out in an easy to read manner with all the relevant aspects covered, from preparation to how to market your product, and of course, the amazing recipes themselves. I frequently use the recipes in my beauty clinic and the scrubs are very popular.

I wholeheartedly encourage people to try this book and I’m sure you will not be disappointed. Thanks Jane for providing us with this great manual.


Brisbane, Australia

“I Love How You Even Put Where To Buy The Items. I Am So Glad That I Found It!”

I am very pleased with the e-book and all your emails (I save them all). I have made some of the bath salts and the directions are very user-friendly. I love how you even put where to buy the items. I am so glad that I found it!

I work in an office all day and I do massage therapy in the evenings and weekends. My plan is to make some of the items and sell them to my customers, especially some bath salts that will help aches and pains.

Margaret Falletta

Antwerp, Ohio

“I Was So Disgusted With All Of The Lip Products On The Market Containing Horrible Chemicals, Which We Inevitably ‘Eat’, That I Wanted To Make My Own”

For a business which is just getting underway like mine, your links to websites and ‘rules’ of the trade have proved invaluable. The web addresses you provided saved me who knows how long in doing my own research sifting through thousands of companies, and the fact that they come recommended also probably saved me money by going through a trustworthy supplier right from the beginning. That took a lot of the guesswork away.

I was so disgusted with all of the lip products on the market containing horrible chemicals, which we inevitably ‘eat’, that I wanted to make my own. Your e-book has enabled me to do that and so much more! Thank you!

Melanie Warner

Post Falls, Idaho

“I Felt Like A Little Girl In A Toy Store When I Purchased The Handcrafter’s Companion E-Book”

I felt like a little girl in a toy store when I purchased the Handcrafter’s Companion e-book. I get so much pleasure every time I make any of the recipes and give them to my friends, especially when my friends say to me “did you really make that?”

I am so delighted I purchased the book. I don’t have to shop for presents anymore, instead I just make them.

Many Thanks,

Feryal Saleh

Sydney, Australia

“I Started Out Making Soap For Myself Because Of My Allergies”

I love your book and read it almost every day. I started out making soap for myself because of my allergies and then I thought “how many other people are in the same position as me?”, so I decided to market my product, starting with soap.

I now have a display in two stores at this point and look forward to more. Thanks again. Your book is most informative and helpful. 


Regine Blum

Red Deer, Alberta

“The Price Is So Small To Pay For So Much Fun”

I am having a ball with the Handcrafter’s Companion, making all sorts of things for friends. I have used my friends and family to try out the products I’ve made and they have been absolutely delighted. I am now busy packaging items for Christmas baskets.

The price is so small to pay for so much fun. I’m thoroughly enjoying working my way through the recipes and then adjusting them to my own design. I really wish I had started this years ago.

Thank you soooo much. I continue to have fun thanks to your handbook.

Kind regards

Janet Deveney-Salmon

Perth, Australia

“I Find Your Handcrafter’s Companion A Great Reference In Recipes But Also And Most Importantly, Researching The Liability End Of Products”

The three recipes sound wonderful. The first recipe was loved by me, my daughter and her nurse friends.

I find your Handcrafter’s Companion a great reference in recipes but also and most importantly, researching the liability end of products.

You took a lot of time and effort to put together this book. Thank you for imparting your knowledge to me and many others.


“This Is A Must-Have Book For Either Personal Or Business Use”

The Handcrafter’s Companion is an impressive collection of herbal recipes for a variety of spa treatments, bath salts and scrubs, handcrafted soaps, potpourri, sachets and much more.

This is a must-have book for either personal or business use because it guides you, step by step, through the many ways of creating a healthier life for yourself and others.

Cindri Carrick

Houston, Texas

“I Refer To It As My ‘Bible’”

I have purchased several e-books in the past and was sceptical to purchase another but what a mistake that would have been. The Handcrafter’s Companion is a fabulous tool for soapcrafters, offering fantastic recipes, money-saving marketing tips and a whole bunch more. I refer to it as my ‘Bible – an absolute must.

Angela Walker

Widnes, United Kingdom

“I Instantly Downloaded The Book And 10 Minutes Later My Daughter And I Are Happily Making What I Call Body Butter And Various Lip Salve Treatments”

I was looking for information about making bath and body products for myself and my daughter and happened upon your site. I instantly downloaded the book and 10 minutes later my daughter and I are happily making what I call body butter and various lip salve treatments. How fun it was! 

I like the book because it is full of recipes that have simple ingredients and easy to understand instructions. We LOVED what we made and have referred to the book many times now!

Thanks so much. I’m glad to promote something that I truly believe in!


Tami Duncan

Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Jane Lays The Foundation For You And All You Have To Do Is Start Building Your Product Line”

The Handcrafter’s Companion is full of quality resources and recipes and what could become costly mistakes is covered in the e-book. If you’re planning to start a bath and body business, you’re given over 125 recipes that you can make your own and includes information on branding, marketing, suggested markets and niches and a lot more.

Jane lays the foundation for you and all you have to do is start building your product line. You can’t go wrong with her experience. I’m glad I made my purchase.

Mardessa Smith

Stone Mountain, Georgia

“I made products for friends…they loved them!”

I have really enjoyed the ebook that I purchased from you.  I immediately printed it out and placed it in a binder for easy access to make those fantastic products. 

I also am very pleased with the bonus ebook for lip gloss recipes.  It was a great investment and thank you for the additional information that you included that is very helpful.  I made some of the products for some friends and they loved them.  Thanks again.


Atlanta, Georgia

“A great investment for me and my business …”

The Handcrafter’s Companion was a great investment for me and my business, it’s so much information I couldn’t do everything at one time…

The Handcrafter’s Companion has paid for itself many many times over. Everything from the links right to other sites and the resources. I enjoyed all of the tips and was really amazed at the information included in this book. I could hardly wait to get started! If you come out with another ebook I would buy one of them every time… Thank you for making this available. It has been such a great resource for me.


Houston, Texas

“Worth every penny”

Can I just say how much I enjoyed this e-book. It is stacked with recipes & info, definitely worth every penny. Anything you think you might need to know is in here.



“Making my own products is a success”

Thank you for all the information, recipes, and resources you have made available.  They have given me hundreds of ideas.  With well-written directions and the availability of products making my own products is a success.


Anchorage, Alaska

“Your own desktop consultant…”

Many of my questions were answered when I received my copy of the ebook. I am so glad I ordered it. The recipes are great, and the sales and marketing tips saved me from making several costly mistakes. It has been like having my own desktop consultant to refer to. I finally printed out the book so I could put it in a binder. I can see that I will be referring to it often. Keep up the good work!

Susan R.

Eugene, Oregon

“Such a great resource for me…”

The Handcrafter’s Companion paid for itself many many times over, just from the resources and links included. I was really amazed at the wealth of information included in this book. I could hardly wait to get started! The first night I got the book I was up until 4am browsing all of the links and planning. I am tired, but energized too! Thank you for making this available. It has been such a great resource for me.


Osyka, Mississippi

“The starting point of a successful small business”

I’m so happy that I got your book I’m learning so much, this is a wonderful way to do things that I always wanted to do in my life.

With your help I think I’ll have a successful small business in the future.


Sydney, Australia

“Little beauty of a book”

I have only just purchased my copy of The Handcrafters Companion and am extremely impressed with the amount of information that has been crammed into this little beauty of a book.

All the hard work is done for you and all you have to do after purchasing is get creating. It’s fantastic and I’m very happy with it!



“Keep up the GREAT Work!!”

I did not know what fun I could get into when I first purchased your Handcrafters Companion E-Book!!!

It is very informative and lots of ideas for making your own products. Even my granddaughters love the lip glosses and beg me to show them how to make their own as well! Keep up the GREAT Work!!


Sierra Vista, Arizona

“I was immediately inspired to start creating”

I was very surprised at how easy The Handcrafters Companion was to follow.  I was immediately inspired to start creating – and that I did!  There is a wealth of information, especially with all the links.  I have been very busy concocting and will soon be opening for business as the ebook gives some excellent advice on marketing and strategies.  Thank you very much


Bunbury, Australia

“I am very excited about trying some of these recipes right away!”

I just ordered The Handcrafter’s Companion guide and looking through the recipes – which look very good!

I am very excited about trying some of these recipes right away! I am new to this and your recipes so far have been the most fascinating I have come across. I especially like the tip section in there about marketing and the section of warnings of people with health issues to avoid certain ingredients.

I think it is well written as well and helps explain many facets of not only making your own product but making it ready to be sold from FDA requirements to packaging. Well done!



“Thank you so much for sharing with me this most valuable and much-needed information.”

Thank you so much for sharing with me this most valuable and much-needed information. I am very new to the business with little marketing strategies. I am currently researching and learning everything I can in hopes of managing a very successful business.

Again, thank you. I wish you continued success with your endeavors and hope to hear more from you in the future.



“Saved me a great deal of time and energy”

Thank you for all your helpful information. The information that you have provided me with is extremely helpful and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. You have saved me a great deal of time and energy. Hope to hear more from you. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks again.


British Columbia, Canada

“I love every minute of it”

Hi Jane, thank you very much for everything so far. I have enjoyed myself and I feel like I could do anything now including making my own products, my friends and I love every minute of it. The Handcrafter’s Companion is the best and thank you very much.


United Kingdom

“I look forward to expanding my hobby”

I started making candles for gifts and a hobby (to stay out of my wife’s hair while she was doing her school work) about a year ago. People liked my candles so much they started asking me to make them some for gifts. This is the first hobby that has paid for itself. This year my wife and daughter asked if I could make some soap and or scrubs. I thought why not try. I have made some soaps and they turned out well. So the next thing was to get some instructions on how to proceed further. Then I found your site and the rest will become history. I look forward to expanding my hobby, and if it turns profitable that is even better.


POTTERWYX Scented Candles, Clemmons, North Carolina

“We’re really looking forward to it, it should be fun”

Hi Jane,

I’ve just downloaded your book, I’m planning to get together with my sister and a friend and all our kids in the next school holidays to make Christmas pressies. We’re really looking forward to it, it should be fun and a great ice breaker for bringing the teenagers who haven’t met yet together.



“This little gem is a must-read”

If you are, like me, a complete novice in making beauty products, this little gem is a must-read. The ideas were great and the recipes easy to follow. Being an historical romance writer, I found the soap making recipes particularly interesting as frontier women did make their own soaps, not because they wanted to, but as a matter of necessity, oatmeal figured prominently in their ingredients, just as it did in some of The Handcrafter’s Companion recipes.

An excellent addition to the recipes and suggestions was the inclusion of a list of sources and suppliers.

Margaret Tanner

Melbourne, Australia, Historical Romance Author


Hi Jane,

I just purchased The Handcrafter’s Companion Book & I LOVE IT! It is put together so well and easy to read. I want to make Shea Butter products for an extra income & so glad that I read this before I started. There are so many wonderful recipes, tips on safety, labeling, keeping costs down. You did a great job on putting this book together & I love that I was able to read it that day! I just downloaded it, printed it & put it in a little pink binder!

Thank you again



“What a good investment”

You asked for feedback on your marketing tips – well, I am very glad for them, and I think they are very useful indeed! Thank you very much. I did not realize what a good investment purchasing The Handcrafter’s Companion book would be, as I have gotten so much more. Have a great day!



“Everything I wanted to know and then some”

Dear Jane,

As a newbie to handcrafting spa products, I had a lot of questions to which I just couldn’t find the answers. I read a lot of recipes and found them very complicated. No one seemed to mention where to get the ingredients and I wasn’t sure how to label and package my products. Your e-book is so easy to read and I love the step by step processes for making products for my new business! Everything I wanted to know and then some is in your book. I no longer feel insecure about creating and marketing quality spa products. Thank you, thank you, thank you!




“My clients have been delighted (as am I)”

Without the knowledge of our Spa Queen Jane, I would be at a total loss as to how to make soap and related body products, let alone quality ones. In this day and age, we are after quality at a reasonable price. Again without Jane none of this would be possible. My clients have been delighted (as am I) with Jane’s recipes. They are worth every cent and more. Please be heartened and don’t hesitate to purchase Jane’s ebook, it is just absolutely wonderful. A woman can feel like a woman again without breaking the budget.


Tasmania, Australia

“I am delighted with your ebook”

Hi Jane, Heather here. I am a herbalist in the west of Scotland. I have my own clinic and I am delighted with your ebook. It has opened many new doors for myself and my patients. I have already made several new ideas with soap, candles and lip gloss, and balms.

I will gladly recommend your ebook.



“Your customer service is outstanding!”

Thank you so much! Your customer service is outstanding! I appreciate all the emails. I got your book because I am a 61-year-old woman that works full time & wants to embark on a new project that I will be able to do to earn money no matter how old I am. This is an awesome service that you have. Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!


Vallejo, California

“The information in this book is simple to understand”

Hi Jane, I have recently purchased your book and I am glad I did! The information in this book is simple to understand and people like me who are working full-time need this. My aim is to earn extra money, but enjoy doing it. I am a person who likes to create, but my employment doesn’t give me much time. So when I came across this book I made a decision to follow and pursue what I would really enjoy doing and who knows, maybe it will turn into a business for me. I believe we have to be the best we can be and this needs to be done holistically! I would really love to be able to work and have time to enjoy life’s pleasures.