About The Handcrafter’s Companion

Hi – thanks for stopping by the Handcrafter’s Companion website.

This website is owned and operated by me, Jane Church. I guess I would call myself a “veteran” maker of homemade bath and body products.

When I began making homemade soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs, bath salts, bath teas, home fragrance products, and the like over 8 years ago, there were no readily available guides or “recipe books” available.

A lot of my initial experiments were based on trial and error, as well as starting with basic recipes, then trying new ingredients and fragrances to create my own unique products.

As a result, I’ve compiled a collection of over 126 bath and body product recipes into an e-book called, you guessed it, The Handcrafter’s Companion. Thanks to the Internet, this information is now freely available to anyone with an Internet connection and at last count, fellow enthusiasts from over 23 countries have downloaded this guide.

The reasons why people get into making their own bath and body products are many:

  • Some want to save money.
  • Some want a fun and creative hobby.
  • Some want to take control of the ingredients they use on their own and their family’s bodies.
  • Some want to enjoy a pampering spa treatment at home without paying big dollars to visit a professional spa.
  • Some want to make personalized gifts for family or friends for special occasions.
  • Some want to make and sell their own line of boutique spa products.

Whatever the reason you’ve come to this website, I invite you to take a look around and share in this fun, creative and addictive hobby that can also become a handy second income source.

Happy creating!

Jane Church

Jane Church
Spa Product Queen

P.S.  Want to get started right now? Download the Handcrafter’s Companion and start creating!